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Top 10 Teal Colour Picks For Painting and Decorating

Blue itself is a shade favored by many painters and decorators and as the years went by, new tones for it came with it. But as we know, things die out with age and now the attention has shifted to teal. What colour is teal? By adding green to blue, we get a shade reminiscent of the sea, which appeals to many.

Since teal became the new trend, so came many different shades of colour, and with that, many talented painters were able to fit this shade for homes and commercial spaces. So if you’re considering teal colour, here are ten stunning teal paint colours recommended by designers.

Colours That Go With Teal

When going with teal paint colours, It’s important to also know what colour goes with teal. Neutral tones like white, beige, and grey compliment teal beautifully, while bold tints like coral, gold, and navy can create a striking contrast. These hues that go with teal can enhance the look of your interior designs by a mile.

Teal Ocean by Benjamin Moore

Teal Ocean by Benjamin Moore

Since teal represents the ocean, It makes sense to pick Teal Ocean by Benjamin Moore. Although that’s one of the main reasons to choose this shade, there are more reasons to choose this teal shade over many other teal shades. 

Another reason is how rich it is and brings a very luxurious vibe to whatever room you add this teal shade to, making it preferable to many homeowners and painters. What colour is teal? Teal Ocean is a perfect example, blending the depths of blue and the vibrancy of green.

Maxi Teal from Sherwin Williams

Maxi Teal from Sherwin Williams

Another great teal shade choice is Maxi Teal by Sherwin Williams. This shade strikes a perfect balance between its calming depth of blue and adding charm with green, bringing a sense of sophisticated tranquillity.

It’s also quite versatile and fits in most professional and home environments. If you’re wondering what colour goes with teal, Maxi Teal pairs beautifully with neutral tones and bright accents.

Gibraltar Cliffs by Benjamin Moore

image 002

Gibraltar Cliffs is also a very versatile variant of teal. It brings a very enchanting feel to any space due to its slight greyish touch to the already tranquil blue and green combo. It also adds a bold look which makes it timeless. 
Backed by Benjamin Moore’s esteemed reputation due to their quality and durability, you can choose this hue without much worry. So if you want to add a charming bold look to your space, go for it!

Marine Blue from Little Greene

image 003

Marine Blue by Little Greene also stands out as a remarkable teal colour choice. One of the reasons is because of its soothing essence of blue and vibrant green. This makes it unique and it is also a versatile colour scheme. 
Marine Blue complements a wide variety of design styles, making the interiors quite elegant. Little Greene is also quite reputable and if you want a very different teal look than others, this is your go-to.

Caribbean Blue Water from Benjamin Moore

image 004

Coming back to Benjamin Moore, another exemplary teal choice is the Caribbean Blue Water. Its captivating hue reflects the alluring Caribbean waters by blending the refreshing green and vibrant blue. 
Its subtle accent will fit into any interior design and add a harmonic aesthetic to any space. If you want a masterpiece of a teal colour that adds a lot of charm then this is recommended for many.

Hurst Deep Teal by Thomas Sanderson

image 005

Adding a new collection to our list, Hurst Deep Teal by Thomas Sanderson. This nuanced colour palette will breathe life into any room because of its sophisticated ambiance. Unlike some lighter and brighter teal variations, Hurst Deep Teal brings out a sense of maturity and calmness that resonates well with many adult spaces like the bedroom. 
With its refined allure and elegance, Hurst Deep Teal is a top choice to transform any dull space into something stylish, and one of the reasons why it’s preferred by many designers.

Montego Bay by PPG Paints

image 006

Another exceptional choice is Montego Bay by PPG Paints and it’s backed by many reasons. It’s honestly because its tropical turquoise hue, mixed with an aquamarine undertone evokes a serene beauty and adds a very refreshing touch to any space. 
Whether you add this teal colour choice outdoors or indoors, it will still bring a sophisticated look. With its timeless appeal and versatility, you can effortlessly make your space better than before.

Moon Shadow from Little Greene

image 007

If you’re looking forward to adding a stellar look to your space, then Little Greene’s Moon Shadow should be your ideal teal colour. This unique shade adds a touch of tranquillity to any space by using its fresh green and deep blue colour combination. Moon Shadow effortlessly complemented many interior designs, especially the living rooms. It’s such a versatile teal colour that it will go easily with any bold statement or subtle accent.

Hidden Sapphire by Benjamin Moore

image 008 1

Hidden Sapphire by Benjamin Moore is such a captivating teal paint colour that it has a lot of possibilities for interior designs. A colour so great that feels like a gem has been picked from the depths of the sea and put in your room. 
The colour is so rich and intriguing that it adds a sense of mystery to your space. Whether colouring the walls in a living room or kitchen cabinets, it adds a touch of diligence anywhere.

Sublime by Clare

image 009
Ending this list, we have Sublime by Clare which is a standout teal colour and is an ideal choice for many reasons. This versatile shade adds a perfect balance between the calming blue and vibrant fresh green, creating a harmonious atmosphere. Sublime will add a modern touch to any interior design and it will drastically elevate your space.

Just remember that whatever colour you want to be used for your property, consult Universal Painters and get the best results that will give a new feel to your property!

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